Bonnie is a frequent contributor to Oregon Quarterly magazine. Some recent examples:

Sea Change: Oregon archaeologists are helping revise theories about how and when people first colonized North and South America (cover story, Winter 2015).

Bread 101: Five UO scientists offer their take on this most basic of foodstuffs (Spring 2015).

Bonnie researches and writes interpretive panel text for national parks and wildlife refuges, including a series of panels for Seaton Roadhouse Wayside in Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, southeast of Tok, Alaska.

Bonnie is a contributor writer in photographer Florian Schultz's The Wild Edge: Freedom to Roam the Pacific Coast (2015: Braided River), a "photographic campaign for conservation" of North America's Pacific coast.

Rimrock Rockshelter, featured in "Sea Change," in the Winter 2015 issue of Oregon Quarterly.

Recent Work

Mount Pisgah's Moment: A 4,700 conservation area is cobbled together at the confluence of the Coast and Middle Forks of the Willamette River (Spring 2014).


Strong Words: Members of a family in Del Norte County, California, work to revitalize the Tolowa language (Autumn 2013).


Big Wave, Small World: A Japanese dock set adrift by the 2011 Tohoku tsunami and washed up on an Oregon beach is a reminder of the history and future the two regions share (Spring 2013). 

Bonnie Henderson